Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Building a Castle

perhaps it's not EXACTLY a "Castle"
but rather
a proper "coop" for my Queens
I know.. you are wondering who the Queens are….
Queens are those chickens predetermined to LAY the eggs
as opposed to
Minions are delightful chickens predetermined to be 
also known as
we will eat these…
Todays post is about building a Castle for the Queens
first step was all about 

foundations are SO important
if you don't get the foundations right…
it won't matter how great a job you did building your castle
it'll fall to pieces..
ya REALLY need to spend the time to get the foundation
of WHATEVER it is your building
done RIGHT…
be it your marriage
your kids
your home
as in this case
your chicken coop

the guys take it pretty seriously
thanks greatly to the VERY
uncooperative weather

We were SO thankful to the California Family for joining in the work
here at Blessings Farm.
Mr. California
is pretty wonderfully OCD when it comes to things like 
and frankly
I loved it..
being a Christian
I am a firm believer in GETTING your foundations ROCK SOLID
and seriously sound and level
it just seems SO much like a Proverb…
a parable

there were real moments..
these.. very raw moments
stuck in the mud moments…
JUST like the moments we have in

moments when you were looking for level
by a string
because you couldn't' trust your own eye sight
couldn't' TRUST your own sense of balance

There were thoughtful moments of reflection;
reworking ideas;
thinking through;
spacing OUT;
getting hungry;
of ALL of the above;
and some of it..
all in the span of FIVE minutes
I kid you not.

Do you SEE how we are building on a slanted hill?

Do you LOVE our great foundational 
CORNERSTONE as much as I do?

because I do..
Whilst this Rock may be the Cornerstone of my
Queens Castle,
it represents
the One who is the Cornerstone of our Family
of our Farm
of our Faith..
I get seriously deep and philosophical about all this..

these men & Fathers are doing something GREAT

yes..I wrote, GREAT

and while it is true that Mr. California is..
a little OCD...
and Machine Man has his quirks…
God is working through them!

we are going to be SO extra thankful for that later!

sprinkling extra earth
to get it JUST right

exactly right

see my lovely man?

almost there

no.. not quite

but almost

maybe now?



now they'll be clipping along

check out the progress…

imagine the mossy in-between
all filled in
and lovely
it will look ancient

here Machine Man stands upon the Cornerstone
truly a momentous moment

Due to days of rain..
endless rain the fellas built the walls in the "shop"…
Mr. California..had by this time of the project 
HAD to leave with his beautiful family
though he stayed longer than planned to try to finish..
the weather simply did not cooperate!

C.S. and Machine Man grabbed every moment of sunshine
(yes… i refer to moments because honestly..
it's Spring in Wisconsin people
and THAT is sometimes all you get)

and they worked fast

and hard

not taking many breaks..

notice the change in wardrobe..
it went from EXTREME heat
to freezing cold

Here they used Mr.T's skid steer..
Standing at times IN the bucket
to reach what they needed to put on the roofing

The Queen's Castle really IS built at a height
and it's NOT an easy task to get this roofing on...

Teamwork prevails
and the two of these men are getting the job done!

It is the first shed they have put up..
We did choose a kit because of time constraints
It was purchased from 

pretty much it took longer than it promised it would
mostly due to weather
they will all tell ya it still would have taken longer than they advertised..
AND the roofing boards
were not the right pieces…
We had to have Mr. M our Amish friend who did our roof
come over to help..
he was quick to spot the problem and sort out a solution..
not our guys making a mistake
a problem in the packaging

we ordered the actual metal roofing from the SAME 
local Amish roofing Manufacturer we used for our home..
so it will match..

we will be painting the shed white
to match the house

it was VERY interesting watching it all be built

even Buddy got to help out!


Remember all that mess…
well it's getting there..
We are cleaning it all up, and slowly
it's getting there..
next to go up will be the aviary for the hens
and an aviary for the ducks!
so so exciting

for now though…
we shall finish putting up the trim pieces
paint it
and convert this shed
into a Castle for our Queens !

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