Wednesday, June 12, 2013

so tell me about.. the minions...

Minions are adorable…
Despicable Me is
one of our Families FAVORITE films…
many of our Vegetarian friends feel VERY Strongly 
against our eating our chickens…
in fact...
many chicken eaters 
seem to feel strongly opposed to us eating our
own chickens..
seems Americans would rather buy theirs 
pre packaged at the store…
than know where their food comes from..
but WE at Blessings Farm, would rather raise ours...
we LOVE our Minions..
we try to give our chicks/minions only the best!
We hope to always have minions..
lots of them…
hence "we are despicable"… 
but you love us anyways..
We love pastured poultry and this is why we call our chicks
the Minions..
they are SO cute and little, and yellow when they come to us.
we also want the children to learn to  understand the difference 
between the purposes of the layer and the broiler..
and how valuable and worthy their lives are..
how their lives, albeit shorter than our own
help to sustain our own
and we should therefore do all we can to make theirs 
as pleasant and happy as we can...
because we want them safe, 
because there are REAL threats to their safety,
BECAUSE we want them ON the range
eating yummy bugs
and grubs
and weed seeds 
and grasses..
BECAUSE we want them scratching at the earth
and pecking at things
and doing their chicken thing
we got the minions THIS

it's a Chicken Tractor
a traveling gypsy caravan
It is actually pretty enormous..
I should have made a child stand next to it for comparison sake..
half of it is strong mesh for sunshine
half totally solid for when its rainy and yucky out… or for shade!

here is the watering system

the hose feeds into their tray drinkers


one lid for lifting 
two for pulling all around the yard!  

see, here's one of the minions drinking..

we love how much sunlight it lets in..
but you are thinking..
seriously… you don't let them out?
sure we do..
but not when we aren't home..
and if we are gone,
our neighbors or guests can move the tractor FOR US,
and the chickens still free range
and no one has to minion sit… 
it's a win win..

here is their door
for their out and about days

here is the feeding area

i can lift it easy and pour the food RIGHT in

it's cute to see their little beaks rush to the food!

see all that space?
it's VAST!
we move it about every day, or every two days…
you'd not believe how much they work the soil!
It's wonderful..
and More Minions arrived just days ago!
under a lamp as I write this..
so so sweet!

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