Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Transforming the secret garden...

not because it's space was unknown
but secret
it was unknown it could be 
anything other than CHAOS
this was the garden at the end of LAST summer
after TONS of work
do you see that mass chaos behind Princess?
yes.. well…
it's STILL a work in progress but...

and do you see this demanding area RIGHT next to the house?
it's weeds AND plants
and we would see field mice run in
and out
so NOT ok with that…
so it was on the MUST tend to list

some of my LOVELY HELPERS!
Mrs. California and Princess worked SO hard to help me!
you don't actually think I do any of these 
amazing transformations solo do you?)


way way better right?
it's not complete yet..
we want to put some large decorative planters there..
it's got that garden liner stuff
and it is pretty DEEP with those rocks
Thanks to CS for transplanting all the plants
weed wacking all the weeds
and for brining in all those HEAVY bags of slate!

the hose…
yes.. it's always everywhere..
we have a plan..
just give me time..
it' too shall get taken care of..

here is the garden as we got it

The walk now?
I know it's not done..
but I would say.. 
MUCH improved!
wouldn't you agree?
The garden
when we first got it.
from another angle...

Things are really shaping up..
we are slowly taking out the scary jagged rocks
that don't create ANY sort of walk way AT ALL in my garden
but DO cause me to fall
bruise myself
twist my ankle
bleed profusely
and otherwise injure self
or wannabe helpers..
more transformation photos to come!

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