Monday, May 19, 2014

Princess dressing the part

Our Camo Queen 
can clean up quite nicely…
A few weeks ago
our teens got all "gussied up" for their
Home School groups 
"Spring Formal"
if you will..
they had a LOT of fun!
Princess is standing with her 
BEST buddy ever,
her Big Brother!
Who really is SO big now..
C.S. is about 6'5" !  
He is SUCH a wonderful young man…
He and his sister
 both had SO much fun 
dancing the night away with all their friends! 
and what a GREAT crowd of friends!
they have ONLY the 
very VERY best of friends..
we adore these young adults!

Such a lovely special night,
one we will always remember..
Our wonderful blessings
are growing up..
and all together too quickly!

Machine Man enjoyed having his lovely girlie
at his side…
I am so thankful for their wonderful relationship,
their witty banter
and frank chats..
so there you have it,
our Camo Girl

can clean up
just fine
and dress her part 
as a daughter of the KING
with no problem


Heather Boyd said...

Your kids are so adorable.
K is so pretty and so very smart.
It's nice to see her wearing a dress.
Hope they had a wonderful time!

Liam'sMama said...

Beautiful girl,
Handsome boy!!!!