Thursday, May 15, 2014

meandering… back in time

The other week, we found ourselves on a road….
a road that had attached to it a memory…
Machine Man was CERTAIN he knew that road...
and he simply MUST follow where it leads…
being that avid adventurer that I am,
I did what I do best..
I encouraged the need to follow!
first it's a left turn…
then a right…
then a left
then miles and miles and miles…
then a big fat
then thinking…
finding that space in your brain where the memory LIVES…
only to turn here,
and there
and a name of a street catches your eye
and it all comes back
EVER so quickly..
the trees are bigger
more houses here and there
some look run down
some look SO new..
and suddenly
or not so suddenly
we found
that the road led to 
 THESE swings...
and this lake..
which led to 
 a call to a cousin
to his mom
lots laughter
and stories for the boys
THIS was the site of 
summertime fun 
at an great Aunties place as a 
wee lad..

and this was the shop
where soda pops sipped
and candy were purchased 
with brothers
and cousins

that was the view of the lake
and the view that lives so vividly in his mind…
of memories with his father
who recently went home to glory
and memories of little brothers
and big cousins
and grandparents
and aunts and uncles..
and childhood..

 long shadows cast on the long road
that led to the little house 
on a hill
where they all 
huddled and slept
awaiting YET another 
great day of play… 
away from the city life
out here in the wonders of 
Wisconsin lake life...
wonderful memories…

it's worth it, to travel
the adventure... of 
going down that 
memory lane..
have you 
had a memory adventure lately?

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