Wednesday, May 14, 2014

early spring walk about

mornings can still have such a chill to them
the air is crisp
and the ground is saturated

the colors springing forth are vibrant greens
but there are remnants…
little reminders

bits and pieces of last year

making their last stand

before they finally fall to the floor of the field
and forest
and get swallowed up

with what is bursting forth

we've been doing work on the forest this early spring,
felling trees
carving trails
staking firewood for future seasons

yet seasons gone by
try to hold on
as if to say
don't forget me…
don't forget I WAS HERE!
don't forget how we laughed…
how I rustled in the wind...

and the living water it flows forth on Blessings farm…
full of an abundantly cold and snow packed winter,
one that held it's ground too long…
kept us shackled to our woolen ware 
and clinging to our steaming mugs 
longing for spring

but yesteryear demands to be counted
everywhere we walk…
new life is springing forth..
but the old growth..
it can be seen everywhere
It is in the pod of last year
that we find this years seed for planting…
in last years forgotten
we find our promise of a new tomorrow…
in nature
these little reminders from God are everywhere…
and will not be so easily forgotten

thankful to Jesus for the reminders…
of yesterdays gone by

of Opa
and Oma
and most recently
of our dear Grandpa…
who has also gone on 
we miss you all so much.

thankful for these little reminders…
and of the little hands and little hearts 
learning to hold
such very precious 
very BIG 
very important things…
so very thankful indeed

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