Thursday, May 16, 2013

Laying Eggs

those are some filthy eggs
but don't worry
they didn't come from the store looking like that

Daisy and Lily produced these
and they clean up nice!
Have you ever eaten duck eggs?
They are RICH and delicious!
A duck egg is about the size of two chicken eggs…
take a look

big difference right?

Isn't THAT a pretty shade of yellow/orange?

but like I said…JUST one.. ONLY one of these
is worth about two chicken eggs..
so for todays Omlette..
I'll just be needing to scramble up 
ONE egg
Are you wondering if the kiddo's eat Duck eggs?
Little Man's comment was 
"Mama… You mean Lily laid this JUST for me? awww"
and he ate it right up….
when he saw her next
he said thank you..
too cute!

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