Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cleaning up Country Style

Buying a forgotten Farm
that was sold out of Estate
we got a hidden gem…
under a LOT of trash
and years
is NOT to be forgotten…
End of Winter Beginning of Spring
is the PERFECT time to start attacking the problem areas…
not so many IF any bee's/wasps
and we can SEE the ground
because ALL that winter snow 
layed all the grasses flat!
This was a great day..
of sorting and organizing..
Metals with Metals
Brick with Brick
Rock with Rock
Rubber with Rubber
and wood?

old unusable wood
got burned!
big big bonfire here!
To have a fire like this one..
One MUST have a burn permit..
and one MUST let the authorities 
KNOW that you are doing a BIG burn…
or some passerby might just see smoke
and call the fire chief
and then..
you are in an awkward situation..

one must also teach little people fire safety!
and be able to walk the perimeter
to be sure it's not spreading..
we had a GREAT fire..
and are sad to say..
we have more still to burn..
so much to clean up..

but thankfully
Marshmallow's are 
gluten free
and readily available here at Blessings Farm! 

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