Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gathering Ideas…. a visit to Walkup Heritage Farms

For years..
and years..
and years…
Machine Man, the Blessings & I have been gathering Ideas
each spring we would go to various "heritage gardens"
or "idea gardens'
"dream gardens"
and so on…
this year is no different..
It it GOOD to be inspired,
and to gather more "ideas" as one walks this crazy road…
it's in the actual walking it
that one starts finding 
MORE questions to ask
one of our favorite "heritage farms"or "idea gardens"
is Michael Walkup's 

we all SO enjoy seeing what Michael is up to each year.
His farm is about 5 acres, but he only farms approximately 2 of those.
Yet still, he is productive, sustainable, and dare we say?
a bit magical?

There is something OLD WORLD about this hidden gem.
Tucked away amongst the hustle and bustle of the 
traffic of Crystal Lake Illinois.
Somehow it's shocking when you notice
the VERY large homes lining Michaels property,
you just feel as though you are in Europe,
NOT in one of Chicagoland's MANY suburbs.

I feel encouraged when I am here,
because it's so beautiful,
and it isn't in anyway

it's edges aren't "JUST" right
but they somehow ARE :)

The bird bath,
covered with years of thankful birds affections
makes me smile.

crazy right.. but so so nice

the kids love this spot,
where the bunnies are
and the geese
and the ducks 
it's just a hoot.

here in the green house is where the seeds are sprouting..

all sorts of wonderful things to be grown

outdoors they've up cycled a variety of materials to make
cold framed gardens


love the upcyced railroad tie raised gardens…
so smart considering Michael and his wife aren't in their 20's anymore!
something Machine Man & myself to consider!
My Mother in law who was with me, liked this idea for her OWN garden..
I also appreciated the fact that Michael may have gotten these 
pieces locally
because Crystal Lake is a Train town.

here are some old pieces of wood 
that had been drilled into
and spores of these wonderful edible mushrooms were placed inside..
these are harvested and sold at market..
GREAT idea!

that would be so delicious sautéed with some butter and garlic!

Michael has lots of chickens..
which make me smile 

and here is Michael and Machine Man 
discussing a variety of things
especially cattle panels..
and how effective these panels are
for adjusting your rotating farm in the quick
how great they are even for goats and sheep,
which is JUST what we'd want them for…
So fun making friends with like minded ideas.

One thine that I have hoped to do EVENTUALLY 
Michael has already fully embraced here at his farm,
and that is raising Heritage and Pilgrim Turkeys..
FUN right?
oh.. I have a dream…
and I love
gathering ideas
Thank you so much To Mr. & Mrs. Walkup
for their kind tours, 
for faithfully answering our barrage of questions
and for just DOING it…
going for their dreams
LIVING it out
in the midst of the chaos
and encouraging others
to do they same.
Truly you are a blessing to your community.

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