Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The innards...

I had a friend ask me the other day…what was INSIDE farmhouse
on Blessings Farm… 
and it occurred to me, in scoping out my much neglected blog..
that I have NOT been keeping you all current with the 
inner workings of the old farm house..
so here is an update..
the bathroom, and the back four seasons porch..
both of which I failed to photograph...
this is our "library"
complete with a day bed..
which is super cozy for snuggling up and reading, chatting in..
In the winter months,
outdoor furniture comes in here,
making this a great game room,
conversation room.
It's a really lovely space.

The view from the window is peaceful and relaxing.

The Living Room, which attaches to the Library, 
is home to instruments.
you can see the door way is extra wide, 
someday I hope to have beautiful brilliant red french doors there.
Here we house instruments, and people jam here, 
play games here, 
it's a fun space also, and much worship and silliness can be made in this space.

This is the "lounge"
It is home to our "groovy chairs"
Which are sadly falling apart…
I will be thrift storing it … 
on the hunt for some equally "groovy" ones
Here people chill out,
hang next to the kitchen, chatting it up with the "chef",
or just drink their coffee in the morning enjoying the lovely views.
You will notice the beautiful antique buffet table..
fabulous thrift find at a garage sale…
yes it was uber cheap… this is NOT some piece that is actually 
an expensive piece in the hiding..
I painted it to hide it's flaws, and simply loved it's size and practicality
and it's LOOK.
We often have a great many people staying here,
so this is where we put out the food more often than not..
This is where crock pots are lined up, and plugged in, 
it's line up buffet style at Blessings Farm!

When one goes up the stairs in the ol' Farm house at Blessings Farm,
(the stairs I am still needing to paint)
one will notice that each door is painted a different color..
so .. you may be told which COLOR you are staying in.
This… is the Yellow Room..
The room, isn't fully decorated yet.. 
But the door is..

The bed.. is sadly NEARLY ready for replacement.. 
but the space is truly lovely!

yes.. that is space for 2 mattresses..
we do rough it a little… 
we don't have all bed frames YET..
but we do have mattresses … 
We are still a work in progress..

The Red Door..
Can sleep…
I believe 9 or 10.. 

because of extra mattresses 
tucked away..
and the Queen bed tucked in the corner..
Two CAN sleep on that.. 

and the "blue" room

this one is my beloved's and my own..
this one we don't share..
it is the Littlest Room in the house..

I rather like it..

we sQEEZed a king sized bed into this teeny tiny space..
and we are loving it!
very very 
That's all..
for now..