Tuesday, December 8, 2015

All the Pretty Ladies… and Pinterest..

It's Winter on the Farm..
and ALL my pretty ladies are needing their home to be
like any good and proper lady, want all their things…
just. so.
and warm, and COZY.
So it was that time of year that we would do JUST that.
Over thanksgiving week.
Mind you, some years, we must do it quite a bit sooner,
but the weather has been holding out JUST fine,
and that was… perhaps a dangerous thing.
because… I happen to love Pinterest,
and Pinterest, it got me some ideas… you know..
on how to cozy things up a bit better.

we DID just how we always do, and got those ladies
their wood shavings,
and their Straw.
(this is different than hay, for all you suburbanites, 
and you city-ites)
but … I found this SUPER cool Idea on interest…
using PVC pipes…
like THIS one I found on PINTEREST…
cool right..
well.. I "thought" we could do like a row of these,
because we have so many chickens..
I married… MACHINE Man after all… 
and He has that "engineering mind…"
and he wanted to see "other options"
so.. I … showed him.
not remembering WHY…
why I liked this one the best..
that brain tumor thing..
or the brain tumor surgery thing,
has really done…
"something" with my memory..
I totally just FORGOT my reasons… 
(don't worry.. I remembered.. later.. )
after showing him other cool plans
he found another HE liked better than MY idea 
moments in marriages
that you all who are married can relate to
that make us giggle always..
so thankful
its affordable
cheap PVC piping..

The Tree Gardener was in for the big Hunt
and the fella's decided to to this in between…
here they have drilled the JUMBO holes..
and now The Tree Gardener is filing away..
(his other job is an Engineer… boring right?  but it pays better than I do… sadly)

here are the lovely ladies

anxiously awaiting...

wondering WHAT on earth those men are doing???
Such a LOT of noise!

loving the BLAZY orange?
I think the ladies are a bit freaked out by him actually...

busy busy filing away..
The drill really made rather sharp edges.. 
and we don't want our ladies injured..

here we have nestled their boxes with nice warm new straw..
it will be patted down in NO time ..
as soon as WE get OUT of THEIR space..
we are So annoying them..

and HERE is the final contraption..
theory is..
Pour the feed on both end..
It should hold quite a bit of feed and slowly let it down to where the ladies 
can GET at it..
We use a NON GMO feed…
that is very fine
and it clumps, and does not fall the way whole pieces of grain will fall, 
and theoretically fall in to place… 
if I were dropping whole pieces of dried corn.. or something,
THIS would work PERFECTLY..
this did NOT work perfectly..
I need to perhaps ADD some organic whole grains to my mix..
to help it along.. 
because it all STUCK in the L shape..
mind you…
it wouldn't have happened with the design I originally picked..
and THIS is when I remembered
I picked that one..
so inconvenient 
this brain thing
not AT all helpful..
and VERY annoying to 
Machine Man INDEED!

all is bliss..
it's NOT like they won't get fed..
we still have our tried and true feeding system from last year..
NOT as cool..
but they won't starve..
they just won't have as much space to play!

all is well in the land of the 
Pretty LADIES…