Monday, December 7, 2015

a year in passing...

more than a year has passed..
I have felt silenced..
I simply couldn't come on here, 
and write..
My words felt so heavy.
Too heavy.
Yet life,
in all it's heaviness,
has still been filled with these moments of joy,
and people I LOVE,
and memories I cherish,
and giggles,
and I thought I would take a moment this day…
to reflect.
Because as HARD as this year has been,
with many challenges,
it's been a year of many victories!
MANY joys,
many long lovely walks.

many funny videos
and terrific emails from friends far and wide.

bonding over the internet
much like bonding over a letter was long ago..

days at the lake
in the big big city..

a mixture of disgust,
that is trash in the water floating..

and joy
at the beautiful sunset,
the beautiful waters,
the wonders of a great day
with family..

bliss, and magic in the eyes of my Buddy,
oh the joys of a 10 year old boy,
NO words at how I adore this lad.

romantic sneak away dinner 
at a sidewalk cafe
after an evening appointment
with doctor in the city..

cupcake decorating with cousins
sprinkles are really the BEST!

there are NEVER too many Sprinkles!

Kindergarten began for Little Man..
it was the year of many wonderful beginnings..

silly days with siblings..

and Sass at CS's 19th Birthday

naptime on the porch

a few more weeks of 16...

JUST a few
isn't she lovely..
she's my joy

cousin time
what JOY and Bliss..
I can NOT express enough how FUN 
every day is when these girlies come to 
Blessings Farm to play...

Cousin memories
walking the trails

the house.. shaping up
every so slowly...

and the year had trips..
many many trips in to the city…
train rides
can you SEE the sheer joy
in his sweet face!
he LOVES the train ride

and there she is..
always watching...

and the flowers bloomed at the farm

and the city was full of beauty too..

it's trails lovely

it's towering giants
taller than my mighty oaks...

there were boat rides this year..

Architecture tours

it was a year of extremes..
in every sense of the word…
in our personal life..
and in the world at large...

There were fun teen nights

and precious intimate moments with precious friends

and precious family..

there were homemade dance floors with doodling on them..

and weddings

chances to serve others..

and feed others..

and moments of PURE silliness..

in the midst of our hardest days, we found opportunities
to visit Legoland with our homeschool group

and BE very creative..

we visited the Orchestra
and even were blessed to see 
Captain America!

and cousins 

and friends...

and on rare occasions..
we got back to the blissful dreamy place that this blog is named for
Blessings Farm

and we strolled the trails
and crunched the leaves..

and breathed in deeply…
listening to the pileated woodpecker…
and the scurrying of the squirrels...

walking quietly

in our beautiful sun soaked woods...

enjoying one another greatly...

we enjoyed
the Little's…
a Captain America
when Halloween rolled around..
they were very very fun to be with...

we enjoyed the dog 
who enjoyed the trails…

we enjoyed the back porch
and every day that was good,
for not every day was good,
when this is so,
you drink them in all the more

sipping them slowly,
soaking in the aroma,
appreciating them in the light
as they come to you…
good days,
are so lovely
and precious,
one ought truly...

enjoy every bit of them..
taste them
and chew them slowly…
distinguishing the flavor of them fully..

good days…
can come in all sorts of colors…
grays and golds,
not just blue's and yellow's

they help you focus in on things that.. matter

like the seeds for next year...

the folds of the past year..

the scope of it all.. the big picture…

I can honestly say
it's been a really challenging year..
but I feel my relationships with the people I love
are richer,
more honest more real…
more down to earth..

I love my tribe...

with their sass

and wit

they are a pack of … something kind of wonderful..

dancing on the porch..

flowers in the garden

hunting for dinosaurs

dance lessons from the Princess...

Cousin Time is the best time

cats included...

the garden had high hopes..

you can note the high..
and the hopes..

I won't share the let down..
I will only hope again for next year..

The porch was the best part of the spring, summer and fall..
It was danced upon,
dined upon
laughed upon
and cried upon,
it's the best room in the house...

art was created there

by the Shibori Artist herself

these are examples of burp cloths

and baby clothing

for a wonderful baby shower..

that was filled with people we LOVE

beautiful ladies

ladies we adore
and don't really get to see enough of...

ladies with stories to tell,
ladies older,
and ladies younger...

ladies that matter so much to me,

who smile all so beautifully

it was yet another lovely day...

a baby on the way...

speaking of babies…
this posy of three
tried to stop me.
and looked all
hard core 
and tuff
standing in the middle of the road

cute little baby 
I am SO scared of you..

brownie making

in the Blessings Farm kitchen..
seems to require
some Lickin'

kitty kitty… 
looking for mice..

the bug hunters...

the lake..

the babies

that are not babies any more..

Precious time with Nana

because Memories must be captured
and kept
and made record of…
our loved ones while they are here,
and their smiles and hugs are with us
we must make note,
and enjoy them

because tomorrow,
the lily pads will grow again..

and eventually the barn will fall down..

but CS will never look quite so young again..
in his O so cool lifeguard do...

and Little Man looks
oH so little
hanging out with his last remaining grand parent..
we enjoy our Nana so very much..
she's a delight..

We were blessed to spend time with my aunts and uncles too..

I so enjoy seeing my father's siblings..
there are no words..

These were the people of my childhood..

My memories are made of their voices
their laughter
their music
their song..

and this…
this is the next generation..

so lovely
so strong





forever family

because through it all…
we must find those moments..
to grab one another,
and say,
I love you..
and we do..

we've been doing a LOT of that..
we are all VERY busy..
we DO do that..

we listen 

and play together

try to find time
to just connect together..

and be silly

incredibly silly

but there is no age thing for us..
maybe for others.. 
but maybe that's why they aren't in these photo's.

they'll be in NEXT year's photo's

we have all the time for those who want our love…
we have no time for 
anything else..
we are a family going through …
some real stuff…

and we got baby cousins to kiss and cuddle as OFTEN as we 
can POSSIBLY get our arms around them..

and we have got chickens

oodles of chickens


bold chickens...

and a Papa… 
leading the way..
there is NO room for drama that is self created ..

there is just real life happening
and a lot of it pretty GREAT
pretty AMAZING
in between the really hard stuff… 
but that is just life? right?
sort of rugged
and SO beautiful

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Anonymous said...

Anika! I just love your writing style! You paint a lovely, warm, cozy picture of your family and friends, and I know it hasn't been an EASY year, but you still have the love, and that's awesome!
Amy R. :)