Friday, November 15, 2013


Looking back on the past couple months…
reflecting on the summer to autumn change of color
I can't help but stop
and Give THANKS
it IS the "thankful" month after all..
A time of reflection and 
a time of thanks giving...
One thing that I am thankful for..
is friends.
Spending time with people we LOVE
that LOVE us
and want to spend time with us..

thankful for friends who take you on boat rides
and are ok letting your three year old
feel like he's driving…
and are ok when you believe it..
and feel anxiety..
and laugh with you over it

thankful for friends who have an open hand and are SO generous

thankful for smiling young faces
that make you SO look forward to watching 
THEIR lives unfold..
because they are already SUCH terrific people

thankful for squishy smily faces
for RED, a young pupil
eager to learn
here in our home/school

for FIREcracker! 
and her zesty personality!

for lovers of kittens

joyful loving smiling 
and creative young people

thankful for every single smile
bright eyed smile..
you don't know what you are missing
till you are blessed with such a smile..

thankful for cousins
and kittens
and love

thankful for adventures!
because to the unobserving eye
one would THINK these children are playing on my trailer
when one has imagination
you would NOTICE
these young folks
can't you see the paddle!

thankful for time to bond with family…
cousins and best buddies
it's a BLESSING believe me

Thankful for a fabulous husband
who has just the BEST of friends
of the mankind as well as canine

Thankful for friendships,
old and worthy of keeping always

thankful of friendships young
and full of adventure
and promise of more adventures to come

thankful for nature walks
so so thankful
and wheel chair rides with friends

thankful for families willing to be family
with us

thankful for friends and neighbors
who feel like family
and are so eager to help where EVER it's needed

thankful for fresh smilie faces
friendships we hope to have for years

Thankful for Buddy and Smiles
and all the fun they have
every chance they get

thankful for Uncles who are 
eager and willing to play 
with little boys
and their imaginations

thankful for family
the love and joy and support they bring

so thankful 
for their LIVES and that they SHARE 
their stories WITH us

thankful for examples
of patience
and love
that my Tante always displays

SO thankful for an Aunt who IS
so very much her own person
and so very much 
a person who can love you JUST where you are at..
what a great teacher

What great blessings in just a few short months…
so so thankful...

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