Friday, November 15, 2013

Hide and Seek Nature Hike

Part of the Fun of Nature Hikes
at Blessings Farm
is you never KNOW what random Idea might
take hold.
One such idea ..
occasional Hide & Seek…
(take note of funny cat who always comes along on walks)
In the photo below..
I see one blaring (in my opinion) contrast..
do you see it?

Look closely..
in the FAR left clump of brush..
there is a triangular
light color..
it does NOT blend the way the rest of the clumps do..
I went to investigate.. 
because I don't want to be the ONE
who ruins the fun!

yep.. it was the triangular shape of a hoodie

it's Princess
and her pup

she's working hard at helping to train up Zeus
and having a blast doing it

the two of them are best of pals

This girlie

loves her puppy

LOVE the happy photos!
do you have a dear pal like our Zeus?
a special pet like Poirot
that follows where ever you go?
we'd LOVE to hear about it..
feel free to send photos!
the Blessings would LOVE it!

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