Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Opening Season...

This upcoming weekend is what is known as 
Opening Weekend
in the Hunting World…
at least, it's Opening Weekend in Wisconsin..
Opening for Rifle..
Bow has been going on for some time..
Opening weekend is an exciting time..
It's a busy time
and it's a VERY ORANGE time..
you are thinking …
like this
and like this

even littles wear Orange..
even pets can…
we are on the look out for a vest for Zeus actually..
Orange IS the Color of Choice
Blaze Orange actually,
because it is SO visible
and reduces ones chances of getting SHOT
when out and about..
See hunters are looking for the slightest movements
and they are trained to notice BLAZE ORANGE
We here at Blessings Farm
take Hunters Safety VERY serious.
We hope any of our readers that hunt will as well.
Hunting is a sport
it has real risks
and it provides food for our family.
Like other sports it isn't easy.
Many years we have seen that freezer empty,
many, have been full.
It's a difficult sport.
Hunting requires respect
from little on,
we teach the children
that fire arms of any kind are meant for
or protecting.
They aren't toys
they are tools.
If they are "playing"
are they playing at righteous behavior?
or criminal behavior?
these are real conversations that take place in our home,
and our children have to answer for their actions..
or they do time..
yes for now it's time OUT..
because later
we don't want anyone EVER to see jail time..
or worse still 
anyone to be out OF time because of carelessness
and flippant behavior towards a firearm.
The way we treat things for life
is often the way we were raised to treat things.
We never want to take for granted how tools of any kind can cause 
SERIOUS injury or death.
Home Depot has wonderful toys that mimic the real tools
the children see in our Garage.
Sawing a brothers arm off needs the SAME conversation as play shooting a brother..
We use the Saw to provide something for the family
or to build to protect the family
sawing people is NOT ever ok..
so the SAME question would be asked..
"are you playing at righteous behavior, or 
are you playing at criminal behavior?"
as they get older, they understand
playing at, is the same as practicing…
I play on the piano
I practice my lessons on the piano..
the two are much the same..
all that to say,
we take these things seriously,
but we do enjoy the sport of hunting very much..
and home repair too!
oh.. and piano playing!

here Buddy is learning form,
and whilst he is using his air soft or nerf,
he is thrilled to be included in the group.
He  is learning things like staying out of the line of fire,
wearing ear protection,
how to sight in,
and that all these adults take this seriously..
NOT like in the movies.

Hunting requires learning to BREATH
learning to control your body between your breaths
learning patience

learning focus
it's SO much more difficult than it seems..
all our first time guests say that.
ALL of them find it shocking how much they need to 
calm down
control their breathing
control their entire bodies
and how relaxed they feel when they are done

it's important to be accountable for EVERY single bullet
and look for shell casings

practice means more control..
it means better chance of a clean kill
rather than wounding an animal and causing suffering…
practice means you are comfortable with your firearm
and will handle it with better care.
there tend to be less accidents amongst persons who practice using
their firearms regularly.
Fear of using, caused increased adrenaline which alters your breathing
increases your heart rate and can lead to making 
dangerous mistakes.

Hunting is a great sport.
It is NOT nearly understood enough,
or respected.
It IS about conservation, 
culling the herds so there is less disease.
It is about feeding families too.
Learning HOW to hunt, and how to hunt safely is so essential to the conservation movement.
Hunting is NOT for everyone.
Treating it as the sport it is,
remembering that it is about conservation
not about ego's 
will help the cause of the hunter.
Taking hunter safety
even if you do, just as a refresher course can go a LONG way
in furthering our freedoms to hunt.
BE safe out there!
Don't drink and hunt.
Don't Hunt on land with out permission.
KNOW where your hunting party is at all times.
Wear your Blaze Orange at all times.
Set your ego aside 
and be the hunters in the hunting community 
that we need
to help reach the hearts of folks who really don't understand 
what we are doing.
Practice year long.
Keep your gun clean,
and have it checked by a gunsmith if you have ANY concerns …
If you are unsure HOW to clean,
talk to a local gunsmith, 
a GOOD one will be willing to teach you,
or clean it for you for a price.
Your gun should have come with paperwork explaining how,
and youtube is a great resource..
cleaning of any firearm needs to happen after 
each time you use it…
But if you are doing a hunt ,
I do believe cleaning after the end of the hunt.
If you are a deer stand sort of hunter, 
consider a safety harness,
too many lives are lost from falls.

for information on hunter safety
please check out these links

and HERE
is a GREAT 
must read list
of safety tips

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Liam'sMama said...

If every parent taught their kids the way that you do, we wouldn't need an NRA or discussions about gun safety. This was fantastic to read! Thank you for sharing.