Thursday, September 26, 2013

porch time...

we took a little time to make the porch 
a bit cozy
lots of places for quiet chats…
lazy sips of lemonade
with fall fast approaching
some hot tea

spots with beautiful views…
and spots for curling up with good books

spots for dining
and spots for lounging 

LOVE the traditional look of the new porch furniture
which was a fun end of season sale
THANKS to cousin !
and the solid feel of the coffee table
that was a great garage sale find!

perfect for grabbing a cup of joe...

i like it.. 
I am not done decorating it.. 
for now,
this mama is 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The Ladies need a place to lay…
and with Winter all to fast approaching,
and the hen's Castle having taken far to long to complete…
We decided to hold off on fancy this's and that's..
Mr. T came to the rescue!
He got wind that a neighbor might want to get rid of
those old nesting boxes

so he dragged me over to take a look see..
and I brought the camera
so Machine Man could take a look see

and I got some different angles because
HE can be particular with his questioning of things..
and my words don't always paint an accurate picture 
in his minds eye

there was some hemming..
and some hawing
and some praying..

let's be real 
and be honest..
we love FREE

and any chance to up cycle
and repurpose..
we try to take 
time to prettify

first he cut it down to a size we could use…
Then we pulled the boxes out and scrubbed them…
ok.. not WE
I should be fair..
the Teens..
we made them scrub them..
we are mean that way…
building up a work ethic and
all THAT jazz...

then we painted

looks a sight better in my opinion 

the fella's finished out the frame inside
and the chicken wire…
now to INSTALL

looks fun don't you think?

they insert the little box things

and were not shy for helpers
of all shapes and sizes

eager to see how they could help
the whole team pitched in

Buddy brought the stacks of shelves

even Firecracker our wee cousin helped out!

i wonder if we were more excited or 
the birds?

here it is!

and there she goes..
hopefully to tell her Queenie friends
how SPECTACULAR the Castle is shaping up..

Buddy helping them find their way..
because we SIMPLY had to get it done…

this week…
we found some of these..
just laying about on the floor!
now our ladies can lay eggs in their 
nice little nesting boxes!
yummy farm fresh eggs

Monday, September 23, 2013

darling ducks...

i have such a heart for ducks
especially Pekin Ducks

so when our friends had a desire to raise some
as a part of a homeschool project
they asked if we would mind adding them to our flock..
we warned them
that some might end up in a pot by winter..

they'd sure be happy till that day!
because we LOVE Pekin ducks!!!

WE are a ducky kind of a family!
Every day can be a fun day when a duck is around!
One thing we noticed about the new additions
Snow White and her gang..
is that 
while they hang with our
Daisy, Poppy, & Lily..
they don't MINGLE with them..
in fact..
early on,
there was some
duck fights

who knew?  
seems Snow's quite the hottie…
their was a disagreement about ALPHA position..
But who really wants to mess with Poppy?
He's a JUMBO pekin..
whilst Snow and her gang
are just Pekin…
what WERE the boys thinking?

lately all is fine
they take turn in the kiddie pool..
one group in..
then the other…

there goes Snow and her gang...

they have lots of fun!
we are SO excited to get the official BIG pond going ..
but we have to finish up the Duck Aviary first…
and THAT is fast running out of time to be done..
Winter IS approaching..

or not..
lets test the waters..

oh yeah!
good times!

all done!

and their back ..
time for fluffing
preening and general grooming of self..
see how they are all together..
but still

a bit separate?

cracks me up!

I love ducks!

family fun

there is nothing..
as fun to an 8 year old boy
than having your great Uncle play with you
especially a if it's a bit of target practice 
with your air soft

nothing so fun as having family about you
and sharing stories

a few weeks back we had Uncles and Tantes
come up to 
Blessings Farm for a wee visit…
and it was so lovely!
We had a great little lunch spread out..
enjoyed eating it on the porch too..

LOVED hearing stories of
back in the day

I have never enough words..
or perhaps
not the right words
to express how much I love
these BEAUTIFUL souls!!

their genuine love
has been consistent
thru the ups and downs of life

and each of them
means so much more to each of US
than perhaps they will EVER know..
Uncle A
Aunt D
Uncle H
Tante M
Thanks for coming all the way
to spend the day
with our family
at Blessings Farm!
you are LOVED!!!