Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The Ladies need a place to lay…
and with Winter all to fast approaching,
and the hen's Castle having taken far to long to complete…
We decided to hold off on fancy this's and that's..
Mr. T came to the rescue!
He got wind that a neighbor might want to get rid of
those old nesting boxes

so he dragged me over to take a look see..
and I brought the camera
so Machine Man could take a look see

and I got some different angles because
HE can be particular with his questioning of things..
and my words don't always paint an accurate picture 
in his minds eye

there was some hemming..
and some hawing
and some praying..

let's be real 
and be honest..
we love FREE

and any chance to up cycle
and repurpose..
we try to take 
time to prettify

first he cut it down to a size we could use…
Then we pulled the boxes out and scrubbed them…
ok.. not WE
I should be fair..
the Teens..
we made them scrub them..
we are mean that way…
building up a work ethic and
all THAT jazz...

then we painted

looks a sight better in my opinion 

the fella's finished out the frame inside
and the chicken wire…
now to INSTALL

looks fun don't you think?

they insert the little box things

and were not shy for helpers
of all shapes and sizes

eager to see how they could help
the whole team pitched in

Buddy brought the stacks of shelves

even Firecracker our wee cousin helped out!

i wonder if we were more excited or 
the birds?

here it is!

and there she goes..
hopefully to tell her Queenie friends
how SPECTACULAR the Castle is shaping up..

Buddy helping them find their way..
because we SIMPLY had to get it done…

this week…
we found some of these..
just laying about on the floor!
now our ladies can lay eggs in their 
nice little nesting boxes!
yummy farm fresh eggs

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