Thursday, September 19, 2013

the ending of summer...

The ending of summer brought on a few wrap up projects..
It also brought Autumn..
The season of Schooling..
so if YOU were wondering where 
WE have been…
why is the Blessings Farm blog gone quiet?
well we've been busy prepping for school
starting school!
Seeing as we home educate,
that means LOTS of extra work for mom!
the lead writer of this blog!
That said..things are joyfully underway,
everyone finding their pace
including the yours truly…

Summers final days included...

homemade popcorn…
popped in coconut oil
drizzled with ghee
sprinkled with Sea Salt..
absolutely a PERFECT treat!

here are a piece by piece
and a fist full eater
can you guess who is who?

We got this BIG purple storage container
as I had NEVER seen anything quite so 
PERFECT for Popcorn before!
it has a lid,
hence easy to transport to our fire pit!
less accidents for our growing 8 year old..
see ..
JUST in case you have never been around an 8 or 9 year old by..
there IS something you ought to know..
they are growing
so they are..
how delicately can I put this..
awkward at times, and clumsy more than frequently…
but beyond lovable!

love how he LOVES popcorn

bite by bit eater
NOT a fist full gal…
Summer also meant finishing up this aviary!

tiling the shed

spray painting the pump..
hyrdrant red

finding snakes

and freaking the MOM out

shoo-ing chickens off the porch
and tossing them their food so they can scratch away…

watching kittens who grow WAY too fast stalking chickens
and giggling at how distracted they can become when a butterfly crosses their path

watching Poirot hide in the bell from his brother

The ending of summer 
was FUN!

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