Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let the little children ...

come unto me…
Jesus said that..
In the Bible we learn about a God
who IS there
a God
who IS real
who loves
and cares for
so much He sent His son Jesus
Jesus has a LOT to teach me
but one of the things I have learned
is that I should train up my blessings
to follow after HIM
can I MAKE them Christians..
Can I instruct them in the paths of righteousness?
Teach them grace
self control
Yes.. I can..
But it will require more from me than just 
mere words..
I will need to act it
be it
do it
show it
with HOW I go about my everyday…
Last week
we had a glorious opportunity to work together!
a chance to learn, 
and be a blessing!
by preparing Manna Packs
for Feed my Starving Children!
they are amazing!

Each Manna pack has Rice, Soy, Veggies & Protein Mix

The protein mix has a "chicken flavor" but isn't chicken
because so many people on this planet just 
DO NOT eat Meat…
yes yes I know..
you love bacon..
so do I ..
but SOME folks won't eat it..
moving on...

scoopers (Buddy had the honor of scooping)
scoop the correct portion into each manna pack
and then it went to weigher's (Princess did this & scooped too)
if it was with in the right range
it was sealed
(only 18 yr and older got to do this)
Really they had quite the assembly line!
We went to Feed my Starving children with our 
Home School Group…
no one was too young it would seem
i confess..
I did NOT bring Little Man
~phew .. clear conscience

each pack is labeled with info & expiration date
 (my job.. though Buddy DID come over to help me a bit)
serving others
feeding others 
can make a HUGE difference in their lives
AND in yours…
Buddy and Princess were shocked to learn that
18,000 children die each day of starvation…
it's made someone think twice before throwing away good food
JUST because he doesn't like it..
This was a great experience
because it showed us
that every little bit DOES matter
every effort done unto the Lord
is a beautiful thing..

check to see if there is a site near you..
You can organize a group of your own
they EVEN do birthday parties!
and food is distributed to over 70 countries!
What an honor it is
to be blessed with children
and given the opportunity
to walk with them
teach them
encourage them
and show them the world..
igniting passions
to make a difference
to love 
to be generous
full of mercy
and love

thank you Jesus
for showing us How!
"we love Him because He first loved us…"

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