Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's a beautiful morning…. la la law

morning peace, 
thank you God…
for peace in my heart...

light streaming over the hills...

dancing upon the drifts of white clean snow…
Thank you for
the colors the light makes...

oh light
beautiful light
Jesus said
"I am the light of the world"

so pretty,
it could be..
a painting

so so lovely
so peaceful
so quiet
sharing a feeling of 

just waiting to see what the day will unfold
as the sun rises higher in the sky

love to see the foot prints of children
my blessings from the Lord

thankful for
the driveway, that they slide upon
and leads up up to

the home we adore so...

Tree beard
basking in the morning light

the barn
standing before the light...

the wonderful
heaps of snow
piled high

the snow upon the hills
ready to be played upon...

what a blissful morning
wonder what the day..
might unfold

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