Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Spring …  what does that word invoke in your mind…
in mine.. it's storms that leave the air crisp and clean…
and the hills just a little bit greener than before they came visiting…
Spring… soggy ground, and buds and blossoms and promises of bright and light and carefree days…
Spring is… lighter jackets, and muck boots sometimes even sandals..
Spring…. fresh coats of toe nail polish, pretty bright colors, that cheer me up
It's rabbit loitering in my yard, and the air filled with the songs of birds come home after a long winter off visiting family and friends further south…

Spring, is book reading, and tea sipping, to the drip, drip, drip of the rain, as it makes puddles…
Spring is looking for the eggs the hens have laid and being floored that they are laying SO very many more than a few weeks ago.
Spring is farmers in the field, planting and much busy work..
Spring is gardening.. and dirt under the fingernails...
Spring, is long walks, long drives, and the smell of blossoms in the air…
it's wandering puddle ducks thrilled at the muck and mess...

Spring, is more than a look, a color palate, a 3 month stretch or Easter…
it's a state of mind!!!!!
it's rejuvenation, it's restoration… it's NEW beginnings…
and wrapping things up to be looked at again next year..
it's packing away the mittens and scarfs…
and putting in storage the good winter boots…
It's finishing up your school year, and counting down the days till glorious SUMMER…
with it's endless sunshine, and long lazy days..
Spring, is clearing out the closet!
and after IEP week… that is what THIS girl, and her girlie will be doing!


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