Monday, October 21, 2013

those "getting ready for winter" projects

Each year, we have little projects that have piled up..
Ones that either are great to do when the weather has turned..
ones we have totally forgotten about 
to do till the weather begins to turn

with Hunting Season fast approaching
we realized that our coats and scarves and, and, and…
have little place to be hung…
YET there are a whole lotta "us"
and then..
there are guests..
So that said,
Machine Man made these great coat hangers..
he edged out the wood
and prepped them for me to paint..
then he put on the hooks

we matched the colors of the coat racks with 
the colors of the doors up stairs..
when the last of them is up
I will show you the photo..
but I have to say
they are beautiful
and sure are handy!

We have lots more "getting ready for winter" projects..
How about you?

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