Monday, May 19, 2014

Princess dressing the part

Our Camo Queen 
can clean up quite nicely…
A few weeks ago
our teens got all "gussied up" for their
Home School groups 
"Spring Formal"
if you will..
they had a LOT of fun!
Princess is standing with her 
BEST buddy ever,
her Big Brother!
Who really is SO big now..
C.S. is about 6'5" !  
He is SUCH a wonderful young man…
He and his sister
 both had SO much fun 
dancing the night away with all their friends! 
and what a GREAT crowd of friends!
they have ONLY the 
very VERY best of friends..
we adore these young adults!

Such a lovely special night,
one we will always remember..
Our wonderful blessings
are growing up..
and all together too quickly!

Machine Man enjoyed having his lovely girlie
at his side…
I am so thankful for their wonderful relationship,
their witty banter
and frank chats..
so there you have it,
our Camo Girl

can clean up
just fine
and dress her part 
as a daughter of the KING
with no problem

Friday, May 16, 2014

Chicken love

we love our Chickens
Buddy REALLY loves 
THIS Chicken..
This is Lady Jane Grey…
and SHE is our bestie..
our best layer
and our sweetest cuddlier

not all chickens will want to cuddle with you..
they generally are NOT the most..
of creatures..
just saying...

Thursday, May 15, 2014

meandering… back in time

The other week, we found ourselves on a road….
a road that had attached to it a memory…
Machine Man was CERTAIN he knew that road...
and he simply MUST follow where it leads…
being that avid adventurer that I am,
I did what I do best..
I encouraged the need to follow!
first it's a left turn…
then a right…
then a left
then miles and miles and miles…
then a big fat
then thinking…
finding that space in your brain where the memory LIVES…
only to turn here,
and there
and a name of a street catches your eye
and it all comes back
EVER so quickly..
the trees are bigger
more houses here and there
some look run down
some look SO new..
and suddenly
or not so suddenly
we found
that the road led to 
 THESE swings...
and this lake..
which led to 
 a call to a cousin
to his mom
lots laughter
and stories for the boys
THIS was the site of 
summertime fun 
at an great Aunties place as a 
wee lad..

and this was the shop
where soda pops sipped
and candy were purchased 
with brothers
and cousins

that was the view of the lake
and the view that lives so vividly in his mind…
of memories with his father
who recently went home to glory
and memories of little brothers
and big cousins
and grandparents
and aunts and uncles..
and childhood..

 long shadows cast on the long road
that led to the little house 
on a hill
where they all 
huddled and slept
awaiting YET another 
great day of play… 
away from the city life
out here in the wonders of 
Wisconsin lake life...
wonderful memories…

it's worth it, to travel
the adventure... of 
going down that 
memory lane..
have you 
had a memory adventure lately?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

early spring walk about

mornings can still have such a chill to them
the air is crisp
and the ground is saturated

the colors springing forth are vibrant greens
but there are remnants…
little reminders

bits and pieces of last year

making their last stand

before they finally fall to the floor of the field
and forest
and get swallowed up

with what is bursting forth

we've been doing work on the forest this early spring,
felling trees
carving trails
staking firewood for future seasons

yet seasons gone by
try to hold on
as if to say
don't forget me…
don't forget I WAS HERE!
don't forget how we laughed…
how I rustled in the wind...

and the living water it flows forth on Blessings farm…
full of an abundantly cold and snow packed winter,
one that held it's ground too long…
kept us shackled to our woolen ware 
and clinging to our steaming mugs 
longing for spring

but yesteryear demands to be counted
everywhere we walk…
new life is springing forth..
but the old growth..
it can be seen everywhere
It is in the pod of last year
that we find this years seed for planting…
in last years forgotten
we find our promise of a new tomorrow…
in nature
these little reminders from God are everywhere…
and will not be so easily forgotten

thankful to Jesus for the reminders…
of yesterdays gone by

of Opa
and Oma
and most recently
of our dear Grandpa…
who has also gone on 
we miss you all so much.

thankful for these little reminders…
and of the little hands and little hearts 
learning to hold
such very precious 
very BIG 
very important things…
so very thankful indeed

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

blazing new trails...

It has begun!!!!!
the men have started blazing a new trail!
and I am SO excited!

The idea is to do the perimeter of the property,
so we can weave trails 
in and thru to the center trail
that we've already completed...

it's an exciting project
and it sure would be nice to finish BEFORE the summer heat..
i dunno...

so thankful
for GREAT friends
who enjoy playing on the farm with us!
Tree gardeners are just the BEST

an outing for the birds

free ranging birds after a long ugly winter
is turning out to be VERY funny
they are absolutely TERRIFIED
of going far from home..

they just keep walking the perimeter of their

oh these the huddled masses..
so silly

GTO to go...

Adding some Goat to the Farm
means loading up this beauty
onto Mr. T's trailer
and hitting the road…
no milking this sweet ride
she's a little gruff
but she's a real hottie

and each of the kids LOVES her
Princess was THRILLED to be the one
to drive her up onto the trailer
driving permits are 

so are super cool
muscle cars