Wednesday, January 30, 2013

mucky muddy yucky

its wet outside..
raining rather than snowing
and it is muddy
and mucky
and yucky
and seeing THIS much mud
gets me thinking
gets me dreaming…
seed planting time!
are you dreaming of it too?

I can't HELP but dream of it..
I grow weary of winter this time EVERY year..
I long for
SEED planting..
saving our TP rolls
so we can grow them start growing them
what do YOU plan on growing?
dreaming of 
morning glory
so many things.. 
time to rip open those catalogs
and start ORDERING !
so excited!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Skating in the light of a DISCO ball

go go go 
speed racer!

Took the Blessings to the Roller Rink
with the homeschool group from Church..
It was fun to see…
some zipped by, doing dance moves,
chatting away, laughing
all to the sound of popular music
and the always present DISCO Ball...
with no concept of ALL that they were doing.
no idea that they were multi tasking
stumbled here and there
excited and quiet 
eager to JUST get around the rink
still others
just skated on the carpet
trying to get the hang of life on wheels
falling, crawling 
holding on to a wall
or to someone who cared enough to use their skills
to just HELP those still learning
It was so interesting because…
going to a Roller Rink
you see in MICRO vision
that which exists
what kind of skater are you?
I have a child in each category…
but ME?
the word 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

walking softly in the snow

Paths less traversed
grown over by neglect
weeds, bushes dispersed
no design to detect

snow softly falling
from a cold gray sky
birds song is calling
like a sweet lullaby

evidence of beings nearby
silent and skilled, hard to see
their markings do not lie
perhaps nestled  beneath the tree

just my presence has altered this space
my breathing, my dreaming
have entered this place
legends  distort my meaning
they give fear and give chase
through paths with snow now gleaming
My body here, is out of place
but my soul, it is beaming
I feel my heart begin to race

walking softly in the wood
one step
two step
It is only then that I know I should
look about me and see
beyond the wood
beyond the tree
wishing I see I could
wondering where they could be

and yet, it seems that I am blind
can not see what my soul does know
they fear my tread they fear my kind,
and so i pause before i go
ever so slow
ever so slow
walking softly in the snow

orignal poem
by A. Cornforth

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let them eat cake

Two Birthdays
One week
can you spell

Princess and I are trying to fill these awful icy months 
with some fun things
WE are taking a cake decorating class
and this is one of the creations..
Happy Birthday Cake!
Happy Birthday Boys!
We love you So much!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter at the Farm

There is something Magical about Winter at 
Blessings Farm

we have the MOST wonderful sledding hills
see the cousins?
All of the Blessings are there
EVEN Little Man

Thankfully you can see Buddys very RED jacket at the top left
ONE of the hills zig zags diagonally down & across this photo
that isn't all of it
it keeps going
I couldn't get the WHOLE of the sledding hill
into this shot

and as the evening sun begins to set
everyone was very hungry!
everyone was eager to have 
HOT Apple Cider
or wonderful Hot Cocoa

Dinner would be a big crock pot full of Chili
with ALL the fix ins
oodles of popcorn
and a fun night of 
Rummy 500
Blessings Farm House Rules
Winter at the farm
my FAVORITE place to be

Friday, January 18, 2013

dreams DO come true

though her walk has not always been easy
the struggles many
her amazing attitude,
heart to serve the Lord
to love in all things
most everyone who takes the time
to KNOW her…
When she was just a wee little girl
she fell in LOVE with a creature
known to us as the Horse..
not the pony.. 
the Horse
was her FIRST word
at the tender age of two
she told everyone
(including the Santa at the Mall)
that all she wanted was a horse
and a piano
when she was three, she would strum the guitar
and sing her very own, 
cowboy songs
by the time she was eight
her dedicated wish list included still
a REAL horse
a plastic horse
stuffed horse
horse books
a living
breathing HORSE
so we did what any parent would do
we bough a bunny instead
she never stopped dreaming
she plays the piano
plays a harp
writes and composes music
and still her dearest dream seemed 

Our Sweet Princess 
can attest to every little boy and girl
dreams really DO come true

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creative creations for COLD days

When the Winter is BITTER cold,
too cold to play out side
so cold you bundle up even INSIDE,
we like to get creative….
after lessons are done
the BINS of lego come out

and people here get creative

sometimes elaborate
sometimes a bit more simple

the play is hours and hours

I have more pictures than I would dare to up load

see, they don't ever want to take apart a creation
so they kept wanting more and more legos
and that is great

at some point the shelves are coated with dusty lego creations
and that is when THIS mama had an idea

I use my digital camera and photograph them all
at any angle 
at EVERY angle
doing what EVER they do

the kids LOVE this… 
they each hope to have a book of their creations some day

I am not as organized as all that yet

but they don't seem to mind..
rule is, 
NO ONE touches a creation till mama gets the camera out
then use the pieces to build new creations

I love cold weather games
and creations

I love seeing the detail they put into things

how cool that Buddy did this!

there goes the "James Bond" spy car!

going, going

What winter creations are the big thrill at your home?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Wonderland FUN

I always imagine that I love winter
or that I would…
if it weren't for sleet on the roads,
dirty snow 
endless traffic
amongst people who don't remember
HOW to drive in the snow…
I always imagine that I love winter
my whole life I imagined winter like this

walking about on things like these… 
yes, quite odd to dream about snowshoeing…
it's not the most exciting sport..
but it IS!  
I love love love it...
but I always imagined, it was JUST my speed..
if you haven't ALREADY figured it out,
I adore hiking in the nature, 
and have felt hindered in the winter months…
I long to walk in the Winter Wonderland…
now.. I can!!
and it is even more fun,
more exciting than I ever did think it would be
whilst i was "imagining"

Machine Man has many a chuckle at my "dreaming"
he laughed and laughed when I bought EVERYONE snowshoes…
said he'd NEVER wear them..
but anyone see what's on his feet in that there picture?
yup.. super cool snow shoes…
seems it makes hiking on the hunt a bit easier on my Man 
(doing the happy dance.. you know the one… the one 
that REALLY means… I was right, he was wrong, but …
I won't DARE "say' that.. so I do my "happy" dance)

When I was a kid we played and played and played outside…
only coming in for cocoa and food… 
then out again…
but living in suburbia in the 70s and 80s 
is a bit different than the living we do in Suburbia today it seems.
here at Blessings Farm,
it is as if time stopped
and I never see the kids
except when they are starving
or in dire need of a cocoa fix

my hikes each day
were invigorating
for my body as it heals
as well as 

for my soul..
Because see… our God is amazing at fixing our dreams
our imaginings on thing He so has planned for us…
Pinch me…
with all the trials
the mountains climbed,
the valleys long and weary,
moments like this
take my breath away
because, they leave me
in awe..
Simply Amazing

transforming a house...

back when this 1870s farm house grabbed our hearts...

the following spring you can really see the roof need to be 
beautified… (updated)
and the porch looks as though we might see it fall of..
it won't 
it sure looks SAD

so over the summer 
Machine Man & C.S. 
began taking it down…
thanks with help from Princess and Tenderfoot
we saved a LOT of money because of these four!

and so it looked.. for many weeks.. (months)
but things are happening...
it's not done YET but...

can't you just see card games happening?
book reading
and family time?

isn't the space
just LOVELY?

plenty of room for Family and friends!!!

we are SO excited…
aren't YOU?
more to come as it nears completion!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

yes.. Machine Man got a deer

so I finally figured out how to download 
on to my Mac..
yes.. yes…. I am SLOW to learn.. 
but that means
there is SO much to catch up on!
did you hear the news?
"Papa got a deer for me"

for the sake of some of my readers
i am not showing the whole "gutting"
nor the processing of the deer

which WE did ourselves…
What on EARTH are those colored cups for?
Well Little Man saw Buddy getting the BIG bowls to be a help
and so he figured we needed these too..

and Mama is THRILLED to have a freezer full
of tasty Venison!