Saturday, June 30, 2012

COUSIN weekend!!!

we have a LOT of cousins..
and we are SO blessed because of it!
Cousins are SO fun
Cousins are our first BEST friends
and we LOVE having cousins come to 
Blessings Farm!

The cousins came late at night
and the next morning was ...
unbelievably HOT
we don't have central Air at the Farmhouse..
(clear throat)
it was hotter than...
H... E.... double hockey sticks
so we wanted to COOL off! 
The blessings were SO eager to show off their 
FAVORITE swimming hole!
here are our Twins!
They are 5
and they are a BLAST!
When with Buddy
they are a bit like the 3 Musketeers 
following the leader..
should Buddy even be allowed to BE a leader ?
it's like Porthos leading the way! 
Porthos and Athos... 
just a little fun! 
love this shot!

so careful on the rocks
getting their balance 
on to other things..
water fights
rather than sword fights?
but where is D'Artangnan ?
With the fair Lady..
his Tante G :) 
C.S. jumping off the cliff 
not once..
but twice..
thank Heavens Princess has 
the sense not  to do it..
scrub THAT!
LOOK at her go! 
Thank you Tante for bringing the boys!
we are having so much FUN! 
and we are off!
everyone's water overload has gotten them
see the enthusiasm? 
what is for supper???


some early morning discovery 
WITH my camera 
means some berry picking is JUST ahead!

Coffee is a beautiful thing

several years ago,
I came across this fun piece of furniture at a 
Garage sale
It was its function, size 
and the fact that it's REAL wood
rather than it's actual appearance
that attracted me..
I have never loved how it looked..
(but I confess it looks great in this picture)
so I decided to bring it up to the farm
and paint it..
see... I think coffee is beautiful 
and I want a coffee station!
I cook for a crowd..
Even if it's my OWN clan (we are 6)
but especially when we have guests...
and one thing that drives me bonkers
are the coffee drinkers..
see I AM ONE OF THEM, but...
people always want coffee JUST in the midst of the 
HOT time in the kitchen..
when things are hopping
and have the potential to be ...
I find it stress full
when they 
(yes that might be Machine Man I am speaking of...)
waltz in to get a cup of coffee
and then go to the fridge searching
desperately for cream...
yes.. it ..
my plan?
coffee station! 
here is the new color!  
Princess painted it with 
Emperors Silk
an Annie Sloan red !
I got it at Tattered Tiques 
but you can look for a location near you!
Princess is getting the hang of this..
I love teaching a student that is SO eager to work
and to LEARN!
She did a great job! 
and now my coffee pals
(self included)
can grab a cup of joe
and not bother the Chef..
or the assistant chef..
BLISS all around!!
everything "coffee" is on the counter!
Ready for some peace
as my guest sit in my Groovy chair
and chat it up whilst I cook!

Friday, June 29, 2012

a bit of bliss in a big MESS

so whilst we were away...
some brilliant men
made a VERY big mess
at the farm..
it's the well thing again..
but in the MIDST of the mess
Princess and Buddy found THIS! 
this lovely Luna moth needs rescuing 
as the hard workers will be back
to put things to right... 
first off 
some H2O for this wee moth
as he's too weak to do much 
then a new cool 
shady place to lay low till evening... 
because all that gravel will be dumped
right on him otherwise..
what a mess!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It was SO much fun having My brother
and his great children
Tenderfoot and Ina
join us for an action packed
yet very relaxing weekend..
I hope we all get to do it again soon!
to begin planning for the next one!

Pinch Me, PRETTY!

my Machine Man's Brother came
with his lovely Bride
(drum roll please)
their beloved daughter
another one of my nieces came to the farm!
At 17 Months she really 
"Pinch me Pretty"
a TOTAL cutie patootie 
She's most ALWAYS happy
and cute
having had four this age
I know that things may not 
as they appear
(toddler-hood WHAT it is)
but we have been SO blessed
to always seem to catch her on her BEST days!
She's a BLAST!
and hard to track down with a camera !
Meet J.J. !
Little Man and J.J get along JUST fine!
he's pretty glad to see her 
she's pretty happy to see 
Posing so like a 
what a pumpkin! 
Her lovely coloring makes me think of a 
Green Gables! 
look what she found to dance upon!
my beautiful
for all you who guessed 
here and/or on facebook..
The color that won
was Larvik
the black one!
it has rich brown tones
but the stain is a black
we LOVE how it looks
with the Paris Grey Trim
and the China White walls
what do YOU think

Monday, June 11, 2012

Beach time!

It was a HOT hot HOT day...
and nothing sounds better than
a WHOLE lotta water
we all piled in Little Scout
(the family van)
and headed to the 
Lake Redstone isn't that far from Blessings Farm
and so we grabbed some towels
some suits 
some snacks
some fun in the sun!
it's a SUPER hot day after all...
and there was not just playing going on in the lake
but the pump was fun too! 
LOOK what Ina found!

yep, it's like caterpillar plague..
they are EVERY place ya look lately

I see you too!
silly wet boy
Papa is drying Little Man all off
so much fun was had playing in the sand and water! 
check out the beautiful waterfall!
we were so excited to find it..
lot's of kids were actually LEAPING into the water..
and little ones swim in the little pools at the bottom 
this is the nice trail back..
C.S. & Buddy LEADING us back to the beach 
where the rest of the family is..
what a great day at the beach
time to head back..
Popsicle anyone?

pretty in pink

oh my 
I haven't been around this many roses... 
since we were blessed to live in the South of France 
for a few months.. 
pinch me...
i love the roses
they are SO 

things coming together!

empty out the fridge... 
because we are
the kitchen
and dismantling the mock kitchen
Yea for My HELPER Ina!
isn't my niece adorable?
We are watching
"Uncle" Machine Man
take off doors and prepare to move it...
We can't get the NEW fridge
into the kitchen
through the OLD door ways
unless we dismantle it a bit... 
looks like I will get a chance to scrub it up
and it's gonna be good to fill with YUMMY food 
here's Uncle Buck
helping Machine Man with those doors
we are SO blessed to have my brother and his beautiful family UP
for the weekend!
after this is done..
it's PLAY time!!
nothing but fun planned for us!